Passion for vintage motorcycle restoration, in Zurich.

If you’re looking for a team of professionals who specialize in vintage motorcycle restoration in Zurich, you’ve come to the right place! Our team of experts has years of experience in the field and has worked on a wide range of vintage motorcycles, from iconic Vespas to legendary Lambrettas. We fill each project with passion and care, ensuring high-quality results.

We restore vintage motorcycles to their former glory.

Garage Quarta restores vintage motorcycles with professionalism and dedication to bring back the models of yesteryear into true works of art!

We offer three types of restoration in our workshop:

Vintage motorcycle maintenance

It consists of basic maintenance, a sort of coupon for your bike, a safe and reliable put back on the road

Conservative restoration of vintage motorcycles

consists of in addition to the basic maintenance, we restore deteriorated and oxidized parts by giving them new life, polishing and touching up the paint job, replacing parts with rust, replacing deteriorated rubber parts, repairing the mechanical part such as the engine and suspension, also we restore electrical system of the motorcycle.

Total restoration of vintage motorcycles

It consists of the possible assessment of the bike’s roadworthiness, accurate disassembly of each of its parts, sandblasting of the talaio and metal parts, straightening, welding, rust treatment, painting, galvanizing and chrome plating. Complete restoration of the bike includes engine and electrical system.

home pickup and delivery

The way we work on all vintage motorcycle restorations is directed toward achieving a high-quality, therefore long-lasting result that pays off for both us and our client.

Where necessary we also perform pickup and delivery of your vintage motorcycle.

For us Quality, Reliability, Transparency and Security are the watchwords!

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